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The Way

The alienity towards one's own body is an essential stage of identity evolvement. Growing pains begin when a person starts the series of relinquishes and realises that the age of innocense is over. The longiness for childhood carefreeness retreats when along comes awareness of the existing demands concerning appearance. Confusion and guilt considering teenagers own changing body transforms into aspiration towards imaginary ideal and artificial perfectness. The thought itself is a paradox because that twisted notion makes a person despise the mistakes one makes and which are crucial to development of one's personality.

Forming an identity is a lifelong process. A person in one's puberty defines one's own exsitence relatively through others. The building of individuality bases on reflections. The most important form of it is self-reflection which in order to function demands some kind of baselines. Because human can not live in an environment free of stimulation one can not avoid being aware of constant presence of others in one's consciousness. There is one delusion left to correct. To get even close to perfection the necesserity of fraction must be admitted.

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