black tree


When the eyesight gets restricted the other senses are emphasized. As the mind gets more aware of the surrounding unknown, the insecurity becomes a permanent state. The unexplored is present everywhere. The invisible consists of sounds within an undefined distance, of outlines disappearing into the black, impervious of sight, and of feelings flowing in the twilight zone of reality. When the awareness of an observant threat and of the possibility of being seen preoccupy your thoughts, the trust of your own visual perception becomes fragile. An attempt to defeat infinite transforms from frustrated to primitive. It is a desperate feeling shaking out the darkness tightly tangled around the consciousness.

The pair of photographs has been photographed simultaneously with two cameras from in front of and from behind of the target. Two photographs of measures 45 cm x 105 cm are placed their backsides against each other and forming a two-sided installation. The photographs are hanged from the ceiling with a 2 mm thick wire leaving 130 cm between the lower edge of the photography and the floor of the exhibition place. The photographs are placed one after another in a straight line and the distance between each photograph is 2 meters. According to the viewing order of the exhibition visitor sees at first the backside of the photograph where the model is photographed from behind.

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